Recipe: Singapore Chilli Crab – Blue Swimmer

I can’t believe I’ve never eaten Singapore Chilli Crab.  I’ve been catching Blue Swimmer crabs for the last few years and after catching ‘the mother load’ over the weekend, there was leftover crab to bring home and try something new.  After googling some recipes I came up with a mixture of a few.  I got spring onion, chillies and herbs (mint parsley) from our garden.  There is garlic, shallots, ginger, lime, tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, hoisin, sugar, salt and pepper.  And of course, the hero – Crab.

First of all I prepped everything.  Diced shallots, chopped garlic, chilli, ginger and herbs and spring onions.  The crabs were precleaned so didn’t have to worry about that – basically you use a crab claw to lift up the ‘v’ on the back and rip it’s back off – snap them in half then clean out the yellow bits and rinse in salt water.

The pan is medium to high, sautee the shallots and ginger, add in garlic – till transparent.  Turn to about medium and add the crab in – tossing and coating the mix….i then added a bit of water and put the lid on for a few minutes until the crab turned a little orange.

Then I took the lid off and added the ½ cup of tomato sauce, ¼ cup of sweet chilli, spring onions, chilli, 2 teaspoons of hoisin, tablespoon of sugar, squeeze of lime and salt and pepper.  I turned up the heat and I kept turning the crabs so they cooked evenly and the sauce started to boil – you can add a little more water if you think you need it.

I then turned it off and put the lid on and kept checking to see whether the crab was cooked through.  You can tell by breaking the thickest bit in half and pulling a piece out – seeing that it is not transparent anymore, that the flesh is white all the way through but not cotton wool like (overcooked).

When done – place in a serving bowl (with a spare one for scraps) and coat with herbs and sauce.   Serve with crusty bread or steamed rice.

   are you drooling??

  feels a little barbaric using the crab claw to extract it’s own meat!!

     time for a good face and hand clean up!

You can buy Blue Swimmer Crab at seafood shops – for around 3 for $20.  Last night we have 4 between the 2 of us and that was enough.  The most annoying thing is that it tastes so good and you want to gobble it down but you have to be patient and pick every last morsel out!

You could also do it with mudcrab or bugs – muddies would take a little longer to cook.

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  1. Bali Tour says:

    Thanks for the recipe
    That look delicious :D

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