Addiction: Sparkling Mineral Water

I love you little bubbles that pop in my mouth.  I think I am addicted to you.  I cannot go a day without you.  If you see my desk at work, there are 2 x 1.25L bottles on the desk and about 3 x 1L-2L bottles in my bin. I do not know what it is that keeps me buying them ….perhaps because I like champagne.  Maybe it’s because I have paid for it?  I am unaware of any health risks with my addiction.  All I know is that I drink the daily recommended water intake of 2L a day – why would it matter if 1.5L of that has little bubbles in it??  Does it???

I find when we go out for a meal, if I order sparkling I will drink it over still.  I do believe it’s because I paid for it.  Though at work – we do pay for the water cooler – is that why I drink that too?  Is it because our tap water at home tastes like chlorine??  When we go to Cairns I absolutely looooove the water up there.  it is so sweet….and chemical free, thanks to my step mum’s water filter purifier thingamy that cost LOTS of money.  again – water that costs money….i see a reoccurring theme here.

The only down side to my drinking mineral water is the plastic bottle use.  I have major guilt factor with this.  I always put them in the recycling bin but that isn’t enough.  I think I’ll just keep buying, just for a while longer…….

I find that the Italian sparklings have smaller bubbles which I prefer, but they don’t retain their fizz as well as Aussie ones – ‘home brand’ that I often buy at work – unfortunately has larger bubbles, but lasts nearly all day on my desk – and  Home brand at woolies is 83 cents for 2L!– compared to say Perrier or Pellegrino that is about triple the price and a third of the size…  though the glass bottles are better recyclers…

I find that coles own brand isn’t to my liking.  My choice today is Schweppes Natural mineral water – which isn’t too bad.

So I guess my addiction is not too bad for me…just a little bad for the environment….perhaps I should look into a soda stream (like I really need another bloody kitchen appliance tho!).

Toodaloo <3 Maddie


About Maddy

More info?? Well here it is. Food wise….I love good produce, I love effort that goes in….I love researching new restaurants, café’s and stores. I usually go to bed thinking about what I can make for dinner the next night. When I eat out I always choose the thing I’d find hardest to cook myself, or ingredients that I would find difficult sourcing. Travel – “How do you find these places?” is usually the first question we get asked….don’t worry – we’ve stayed at some absolute dives too! (I secretly just love holidays so I can research places to eat other than my home town!! And eat at them too! **and I always have plan B’s, C’s and D’s!)
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One Response to Addiction: Sparkling Mineral Water

  1. Prince says:

    So did you quit drinking it? I think I’m addicted to sparkling mineral water too. I just drink from the glass bottles, but I wonder if drinking too much is bad for you.

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